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Our mission statement

To continue being a game changing recruitment business at the forefront of innovation, quality and delivery.

What makes Oxford Knight different?

Reduce the burn

We work hard - it’s what keeps us on top of the market. But we’re committed to preventing people from burning out in a sector which is notorious for just that. We employ humans - not robots – so we give our employees the trust and flexibility to work in the most productive way for them.

Research driven

At Oxford Knight we have embraced a research driven approach to recruitment. We encourage our consultants to be experts in their fields and to participate in the community we serve. Clients and candidates should value Oxford Knight recruiters as trusted sources of knowledge and advice.


Our mission is about legacy. We know the method dictates the delivery so we’re focussed on cultivating an intelligence powered methodology and inviting creativity, personality and innovation into business. We’re going to become the model of choice which makes people wonder how recruitment could have ever been done any other way. Our mission is to change recruitment forever.


Predict. React. They’re basic instincts that underpin great business. We stay one step ahead of game in order to prepare for the changing needs of our market and to avoid being caught with our trousers down!

No red tape

We like to get stuff done. In fact, we get from A to B as efficiently as possible – not by cutting corners but by operating in a flexible environment designed to cultivate new ideas and where our employees can function freely and intelligently. We’re committed to maintaining this philosophy as Oxford Knight continues to grow.

Low ego

No one likes an ***hole. However, we operate in a sector which is notorious for cocky salespeople who want quick deals and cheap thrills. Here, you’re never too experienced to answer a phone or be hands on – ask our directors! Therefore we only hire people whose ego can fit through the door and who want to work towards both personal and company goals.

Oxford Knight Headquarters

At Oxford Knight we believe in providing an environment that gets the best out of you. We have a spacious plan complete with a fancy coffee machine and beers in the fridge. We love our office and believe it fosters communication, collaboration and creative energy.


Everyone starts out at Oxford Knight as a Research Associate. You can find out more about this role here. If you'd like to know more about working with us, let's talk! Either fill out the form below or call us on 020 3475 5019.