Senior Software Engineer Contract – Global Leading Financial Software, Data, and Media Company

Location: London


Salary: £650/day


This is an exciting contract opportunity for an experienced C++ Developer to join a world renowned financial software, data, and media company.  This role will provide an opportunity to work with members of the C++ Standards Committee and will also enable the engineer to further enhance their knowledge of machine learning.


Keywords: C, C++, UNIX, Linux, Machine Learning, Back-End


The Role:

This position is working on a platform built in C++, applying machine learning techniques to generate recommendations for users to enhance return on investments and add value above and beyond that of competitors.


The role will also involve working as part of a team on backend systems, including with the migration from UNIX to Linux.


Skills: C++, UNIX, LINUX, Machine Learning




  • Re-write modules using more modern coding practices and C++ 11 where applicable.
  • Convert systems to use the latest available database technologies.
  • Test ported applications and handle communication with various teams across the company to resolve diverse software dependencies.
  • Master the variety of development tools in use and be prepared for a challenging learning curve
  • Take ownership of issues and suggest ways to improve things



Key Skills:

  • Strong knowledge of C and C++ (98/11)
  • Strong knowledge of UNIX and Linux. You should be familiar with both platforms and be able to port software across them/
  • Strong knowledge of concurrency programming techniques, and how to solve problems in a distributed microservice context.
  • Relevant Experience with legacy systems- Experience with big-endian and little-endian machine architecture
  • Good communication skills


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