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Senior DevOps Engineer – Remote

High-Frequency Prop Trading Firm


Posted 1 Mth Ago

This is a team of highly-driven individuals who are passionate about technology, algorithmic trading, and solving intellectually challenging problems. Being a part of this prop trading firm means you get to work with some of the brightest people in one of the world’s fastest-growing and most exciting industries. It’s fully remote and has a flat corporate structure that values open-mindedness, entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to excellence, and continuous learning.

The role:

Looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer who has experience with low-latency applications. You will be working on enhancing and optimizing the network infrastructure, connections to cryptocurrency exchanges, focusing on high-performance and low-latency components / developing and maintaining an automated infrastructure deployment. If you have worked with systems where every microsecond counts, and everything needs to run fast and smoothly, you might be a good candidate for this role.

Goals/Tasks for the Team:

  • Enhance and optimize the network infrastructure, focusing on high-performance and low-latency components
  • Design and implement advanced observability stack for SLOs covering:
    • latency (regional, zonal)
    • service reliability (internal services)
  • Develop and maintain an automated infrastructure deployment using IaC within AWS
  • Establish and maintain a developer-friendly operational environment with multi-tiered monitoring, visual analytics, and streamlined deployment processes.
  • Foster collaboration among traders, developers, and the DevOps team

Main Requirements:

  • A proactive approach towards continuous improvement, optimization, and delivering solutions with significant business impact.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Hands-on experience with AWS services and architecture is required.
    • Networking (Working proficiency at AWS Certified Advanced Networking level)
    • AWS Direct Connect
    • EKS
  • Experience in building an observability stack (Grafana, Prometheus, Clickhouse, network tracing)
  • Networking: Deep knowledge in network engineering, including IP, OSPF, BGP, TCP/UDP. Proficiency in latency analysis and optimization.
  • Linux: Extensive experience with Linux command-line, scripting and system administration
  • Developer-first mentality capable of producing complex code, exceeding basic scripting.

 Distinguishing Attributes:

  • Exceptional problem-solving skills, with the ability to dissect complex network issues and synthesize actionable insights
  • Proficient in articulating technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders, bridging gaps between technical and business teams
  • Automation Mindset: A relentless pursuit of automation, not just in deployments, but across all repetitive tasks to increase efficiency and reduce error rates.

Bonus points:

  • Experience working within a Cloud Provider’s infrastructure, possessing a deep understanding of how large-scale cloud networks operate internally.
  • Experience with Kubernetes, especially in environments focused on scalability and reliability, is a significant plus
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking
  • Experience with Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Equinix

 What’s on offer:

  • Flexible working hours and a healthy work-life balance.
  • The opportunity to work in a thriving, multicultural, fun environment in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.
  • Corporate “workations”: regularly go on corporate trips to unique locations all over the world to work, explore the local culture, and get to know your colleagues better