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Senior C++ Software Developer – ultra-low-latency HFT

Electronic Market Making


Posted 3 Mths Ago

Salary: Potential for £500-600k total comp


Job Summary: A small firm with one of the best names within the HFT market. Specialists within electronic market making in FX, equity, fixed income and commodity markets. Ultra-low-latency C++ development alongside industry experts (C++ committee members and contributors to latest C++ versions).


The algorithmic models are built against multi-petabyte datasets on huge clusters, all run in-house. With fewer than 100 staff in total but a household name within the HFT world, this company prides itself on its flat structure whilst avoiding bureaucracy. They hire the best and encourage them to innovate and break boundaries – not get stuck behind red tape.


Yes, you have the fancy office with a replica spaceship (genuinely!), the latest hardware, the company trips abroad, the Michelin star dinners. But it’s the work, and the colleagues that draw people to this company:

  • Build the trading models actually run in production
  • Launch new strategies without involvement or interference of the quant team
  • PnL-generating function – not just making adaptors for other teams
  • Ultra-low latency optimisation down to the hardware
  • Build custom compilers, build custom math functions
  • Code in production is mostly C++17 with some C++20

Skills and Experience Required:

  • Phenomenal development skills
  • Interest in C++ as a language up to C++20, and ideally keeping an eye on C++23
  • Financial knowledge is not required. They have hired from finance, but also from gaming and other tech firms

Benefits and Incentives:

  • Ownership + the work
  • Techie culture
  • Compensation – you are making a direct impact on the PnL