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Principal Engineer – Fully Remote

Algorithmic Trading & Crypto Market Maker


Posted 2 Mths Ago

My client is an algorithmic trading firm and leading market maker in cryptocurrencies. Specialising in permissionless and non-custodial trading technologies, they work on the bleeding edge of the emerging blockchain financial markets.

This role is within a high-trust, fully remote team of engineers distributed all over the world, who believe in the emancipatory potential of cryptography and privacy technology.

Seeking a senior software engineer to make key contributions to core software and serve as a technical leader in the organization. The role requires contributing to the firm strategy, turning the vision into a tangible plan, and being responsible for executing the roadmap. Additionally, you should be excited about mentoring and coaching others and setting software engineering practices and culture.

The ideal candidate will be able to quickly familiarize themselves with the existing way things are done, identify and prioritize areas for improvements, and make significant contributions with limited handholding.

The company is 100% remote with 3-4 offsites a year where everyone works together at an international destination for 10 days. It’s critical that you are comfortable with working in this environment; they recognize it’s not a fit for everybody.


  • Quickly take ownership of some core components of software and contribute to it.
  • Grow into a one of the company’s core contributors, and be responsible for key infrastructure.
  • Work with the infrastructure team to improve tooling so team members can be as productive as possible given the strong security constraints.
  • Help make the firm more sustainable, establish good software engineering practices, make sure that no core software has a bus factor of 1.
  • Help with non-technical areas, such as hiring, strategy, etc.


  • Experience working on and managing highly technical software development teams.
  • Exceptional technical skills and ability to design and build complex systems.
  • Broad understanding of existing tooling and best practices for software engineering.
  • Enjoys mentoring and managing others.
  • Desire to grow into a core team member with important responsibilities.