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Machine Learning Research Engineer

NLP, Search Relevance, Semantic Web, Computer Science, ACL


Posted 3 Mths Ago


A London-based financial software company is looking for machine learning research engineers to join its AI and Machine Learning group. The successful person will have both academic and commercial experience with machine learning research and natural language processing (NLP), and will be applying these techniques and models to some of the largest data prediction problems in the industry.


  • Build scalable machine learning tools, distributed clusters and models for NLP search
  • Work closely alongside a software and ML engineering team on a global scale from London-based HQ
  • Work on cutting-edge research to be published in the ACL


  • PhD Computer Science, Physics, Machine Learning, or relevant other quantitative field
  • Experience with Natural Language Processing, search relevance, semantic web, data mining or artificial intelligence
  • Experience with server architectures and distributed systems, preferably some engineering experience with an OO or functional language