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Low-Latency Engineer

World-Leading Prop Trading Fund


Posted 2 Mths Ago

About the Position

Our client is looking for a Software Engineer with experience in high-performance, low-latency systems. You’ll work closely with quant researchers and developers, taking a holistic approach to design and optimise fast-trading systems.

Systems are built primarily in OCaml with only small amounts of C and C++, but you don’t need any experience with OCaml (we can teach it to you) or knowledge of the financial markets. The most important qualification is experience with low-level systems programming and optimisation, whether it is in C, C++, or any other language.

About You

  • Experience with low-level systems programming and optimisation, and working on network applications that require extremely low latency and high throughput
  • Can understand, interpret, and improve application performance through hardware performance counters and other profiling tools
  • Has a thorough understanding of modern computer architecture and can talk to others about it; for example, can you describe modern x86 AMD and Intel cache hierarchies?
  • Some experience with fast-packet processing in user space and common kernel-bypass implementations would be ideal (such as Solarflare OpenOnload / TCPDirect / ef_vi, Exablaze, InfiniBand verbs, DPDK)
  • Experience working around the performance challenges of languages with a managed runtime (such as Java or C#) and familiarity with a typed functional language are a plus
  • Fluency in English required.