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Tech: Haskell, Ruby, JavaScript, TypeScript,  AWS, SQL, Unix/Linux, Agile



A London-based cutting edge software company in the FinTech space are looking for a senior software engineer with commercial functional programming experience (Haskell preferred). The company are building complex, scalable software with the aim of disrupting and automating a heavily regulated industry in London.

The successful software engineer will have a range of software development experience in agile development settings and experience working on the full software development lifecycle from design to implementation to deployment.  The successful developer will have experience with a range of technologies; statically typed functional languages, such as Haskell / OCaml / F#, are beneficial.



  • BSc Computer Science, Maths or relevant other
  • Full stack engineering experience with a range of technologies and programming paradigms, and experience with design, development, build, test, release and deployment
  • Ability to work with Haskell to build complex, scalable, highly available systems



  • Competitive salary and benefits package
  • Small, agile development team in London – wider team geographically dispersed across London – Chicago – Dublin
  • Gain commercial development experience with Haskell


If you’re interested in Haskell or functional programming roles in London, please get in touch! 

Rosie Griggs

Oxford Knight



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