Functional Enthusiasts (Clojure, Scala, Haskell, F# etc) – Next-Generation Consultancy

Location: London

Salary: £50,000 – £70,000

This trend-setting Software house based in London that is currently undergoing exceptional growth and requires highly technical programmers to build exceptionally complex systems using traditional OO (Java, C#, C++) and advanced functional languages (F#, Haskell, OCaml, Scala, Clojure, Erlang). These guys are responsible for some of the most technical innovations in London that you will definitely have heard of.



Offering a brilliant working environment created specifically with technologists in mind, my client will furnish the right candidate with all the technical tools to become a legendary developer within a technology team that is envied globally. The right candidate will be passionate about technology and its ability to solve complex problems with innovative solutions.

As such candidates are expected to have solid experience with Java, C# or C++ in tandem with a genuine enthusiasm to explore functional programming and push the boundaries of technological creativity. Moreover exposure to low-latency systems, distributed computing and optimisation processes are of genuine value and will be looked at extremely favourably.

There is no set candidate profile. You will be working on varied, interesting and FUN projects.


All that is required is:

  • Exceptional programming ability in either core Java, C# or C++
  • Willingness to explore the boundaries of functional programming in either F#, Scla, Erlang, OCaml,Clojure or Haskell. Previous experience is not essential but is favourable.
  • Exposure to multi-threading, low-latency platforms, high performance computing or distributed systems (nice but not required)
  • Excellent academic record with strong scientific element (Maths, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry etc)
  • Enthusiasm and passion for technology and problem solving



  • Unparalleled compensation package between £30k-£75k based on experience
  • 50% bonus or more based on performance
  • Specifically crafted working environment geared towards programming
  • Flat management structure and genuinely no bureaucracy
  • Hiring across all levels from fresh out of Uni to fresh out of hair developers.


If you are interested in this role please contact:

Alex Betteridge

020 3475 5015

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