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F# Software Engineer

Greenfield Hedge Fund


New Listing

Salary: £250,000 total comp



A hedge fund with a difference; relaxed, fun and with a start-up mentality, you can earn huge amounts of money without the stifling environment of a large corporation. Donning your shorts and flip flops in the summer in a great office in London, you’ll have the flexibility on projects that banks simply can’t offer, as well as the chance to earn huge, guilt-free bonuses.


You’ll be writing algorithms to make sense of big data sets, working back-end with real time data and working closely with the quants. Using predominantly F#, as well as C# and a bit of C++ on a Microsoft SQL database, you will have the opportunity to make a real difference to the company and not just be another suit or another number. Described as 97% tech-driven a background in finance is not required – just strong core computer science skills.


  • Experience with functional programming, ideally F#
  • Top academics from a top-tier university
  • Experience of at least one of: C#, C++ or Java
  • Strong comp sci fundamentals


  • Relaxed feel
  • Start-up mentality
  • Exceptional bonus potential