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C++ Developer – Tel Aviv, Israel

Hedge Fund

Tel Aviv, Israel

Posted 2 Mths Ago

Salary: 30-45,000 shekels / month + bonus

4+ years’ experience


Job description:


This is a global, massively successful hedge fund employing thousands of people, but it operates like a start-up, with all the latest technologies and solely greenfield projects / building from scratch – with no legacy systems.

Tel Aviv is a key area of expansion for them in 2021, and this team operates nothing like what you’d expect from a traditional financial firm. This is a fantastic opportunity for expert C++ engineers who thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative culture, where your hard work is well-rewarded.


This specific team is operating like a core team of the company: 45 members globally have built a next-generation platform using micro-services architecture in C++17 and Python (3.8 with asyncio concurrency module), and using the latest cloud and containerisation technologies (AWS / Docker / Kubernetes).

This platform is only 18 months old, so there’s no legacy code involved, and nearly all of the work over the next 2-3 years (and likely beyond) is being built from scratch / completely greenfield.

Here you’ll find no ‘finance culture’ and very little ‘red-tape’; it is a team of techies who are there to build awesome, new, vital platforms. A hedge-fund salary without the long, finance-associated hours or work.

Skills and Experience Required

  • Significant modern C++ skills on Linux, ideally with some Python experience too
  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (or related) from a top-tier university
  • Strong analytical and maths skills, including algorithms and data structures


  • Good knowledge and experience of distributed computing, client server and multi-threading
  • Experience with Docker/Kubernetes, micro-services or NoSQL (e.g. MongoDB)

Benefits & Incentives

  • Strong salary + bonuses + generous benefits package
  • Work-from-home opportunities
  • Collaborative working environment
  • Unique company where you will work on engaging, greenfield projects