Super Tough interview questions @ Hedge-Fund X

By Abdul Muhit | Oxford Knight


We at Oxford Knight have collected some amazing reading material and actual interview questions from some great companies we do not work with (such as Facebook, D.E Shaw, Box, DropBox, Square). We never give away actual questions for one of our clients (that’s just wrong), but for those people seeking modern prep, for some of the leading, world-changing companies in the world… You should get in touch with us!

In the meantime, those that want to have a look at some of the interview questions, please feel free to look at the questions Hedge-fund X Questions below, and see how you fare….

  1. Given an array with n numbers and a number s, find whether there are 2 numbers on the array whose sum is equal to s. First brute-force O(n^2), then linear O(n). Then adapt it for sums of 3 numbers O(n^2). Then for 4 numbers O(n^3), and then reduce it to O(n^2). Then generalize it for xnumbers O(n^{x/2}).
  2. Explain what an iterator is. Build an iterator that takes k iterators, each containing a sorted list of n numbers. This iterator should always advance in a sorted manner (i.e. always return the next smallest number). Explain how the ++ and the * operators work on this iterator. The brute-force solution should have a O(k) complexity for both operators. Make that better, to O(log k).
  3. There are 5 pirates, ranked by level (one at each level). Gold distributing strategy is: highest level pirate proposes a strategy and everyone votes on it. If 50% + 1 vote against it, that pirate is killed and now is the turn of the 2nd highest. What should be the strategy of the 5th (highest) pirate so he can be voted favourably and still optimize his earnings? (start with 2 pirates and move to the top until you get the recursive function behind it).

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